My Studio

I spend most of my time in my studio painting, selling exclusively through stores and galleries. It is my way of being able to fully support the people who run those businesses, and who have cared for and supported me throughout the past few years. It also allows me to spend my extra time meeting with local organizations on the South Shore who would benefit from my work.


Encouraging Young Artists

I believe in doing all I can to inspire younger artists, starting with my two. When I do pop-up painting, I bring along small art projects for the children who stop by and encourage them to be more creative and do some good by making art. Sometimes we make hand-drawn cards to give away for Mother’s Day; sometimes I encourage them to hold one of my paintings and not be afraid of fingerprints. Regardless of age, everyone can benefit from a creative outlet. And when we can share it with others, it can really spread some much-needed joy in the world!


My Two Cents

Cancer can be crippling emotionally and physically. Battling any disease is an up-and-down, rollercoaster ride for everyone involved. I am no expert on how to survive any part of a trauma, but I have had amazing healing from yoga and meditation. There is great healing in giving. While I am fortunate to be able to give more by what I make, the very act of giving whatever you can (hugs, smiles, or supporting those trying to heal), can make an enormous difference. I had a lot of love and care with my story and continue to be supported so well. Share what you can and give what you are able.

Those I lean on and support (but not all) include: my friends and family, our local Scituate and surrounding town businesses and non-profits, Trish Hart Yoga, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Scituate Education Foundation, Live. Laugh. Learn., Infinite Strength, Alice’s House, and many more…